Geothermal Heat Pump Installation in Loudon, TN 37774

“The A&L team did a great job installing and commissioning my geothermal heat pump. They provided a Energy Star rated system that is sealed with no leaks from the ductwork. The geothermal loop is installed in the lake and the Water Furnace heat pump is quiet and efficient. Steven did a great job on the ductwork and Amos and Taylor commissioned the system and fixed the vibration issues with the ERV.

The office team was great with professional and courteous service from Samantha, Ashley and Linnea. They responded to a;; of my questions and worked closely with my Energy Star rater.

Aaron and Linnea did a great job designing my system to Energy Star standards and Aaron helped me with the inspector, who was not familiar with all of the code requirements and inspection issues.

A&L is a great company and I highly recommend them.”

– Scott M.