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How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer?

February 16, 2023
A person warms up inside. How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer?

In reality, the key is treating your Friendsville system with care and respect. With just a small amount of time and energy, you can ensure your furnace will live well beyond its warranty. From our team here at A & L Heating and Air, here are four things you should do to make your furnace…

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Why Isn’t My Furnace Heating My Entire Home?

January 18, 2023
Image of someone working on a furnace. Why Isn't My Furnace Heating My Entire Home?

If your furnace seems to be producing heat inconsistently around your Alcoa home to you, you’re not alone. Many homes have varied conditions from room to room causing spotty heating or cooling. On cold days, this can be a nuisance. For example, you may be confined to only a few rooms in your home. Or you might…

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How Can I Lower My Heating Bill This Winter?

December 14, 2022
A person uses a heater. How Can I Lower My Heating Bill This Winter?

Are you anticipating a higher heating bill this winter? Here in Maryville, temperatures can get pretty low. The only way to ensure you remain perfectly comfortable inside your Tennessee home is by cranking up the heat. But that can get expensive. So how do you reduce your heating costs without compromising your comfort? A &…

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Tips to Troubleshoot Your Thermostat

November 16, 2022
Image of someone pulling the front panel off a thermostat. Tips to Troubleshoot Your Thermostat.

If your heating or air conditioning system suddenly stops working in your Friendsville home, it’s easy to think the worst. However, sometimes the malfunction is not really caused by your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system at all, but actually from a broken thermostat. Here are some expert tips on checking your thermostat first…

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7 Furnace Maintenance Tips

October 19, 2022
Furnace Maintenance

The last thing you want when the weather takes a turn toward winter is a broken furnace. We can help with these furnace maintenance tips.

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Why Won’t My Furnace Stop Running?

January 13, 2022
Sad girl portrait holding a cup of hot drink

Is your furnace blowing air without pause? If so, you’re probably a bit concerned. Before calling a professional, check these three things.

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What’s the Difference Between My Furnace Fan Settings—ON and AUTO?

December 15, 2021
Furnace Fan Settings

There are furnace-fan settings on your thermostat for ON and AUTO. Which option is the best choice for your household?

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What Are Signs I Need a New Furnace?

November 16, 2021
Happy Technician

Our team wants you to know how your furnace works and what signs you can watch for to indicate it’s time for a replacement heating system.

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How Does My Gas Furnace Work?

October 18, 2021
Closeup Shot Of Home Furnace Burner Ignited With Crimson Blue Flame

Our professionals encourage you to know how your gas furnace works so you can spot any potential problems with your home’s heating system.

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Schedule Your Annual Furnace Inspection Now

September 23, 2021
Furnace Inspection

What ’s at the top of your fall to-do list? Make sure it is your furnace.  Prepping your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for winter in Tennessee not only enhances your safety and your furnace’s efficiency, it can help keep your repair budget in line during cold weather. Tackling this important chore is…

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